Software Engineering

The GISUM (Software Engineering Group of the University of Malaga) is composed of a large team of professors and researchers of the Department of Languages and Computer Sciences of the UMA. It has its quarters in the Informatics Technical School as well as laboratories in the Technological Park of Andalusia in Malaga. The activities of the group are orientated towards both basic and applied research, along with a significant dedication to technological transference. The research they carry out is supported by important financing, which is obtained via projects with both public and private subsidising, and a wide participation in European projects. The considerable growth of the group has led to an expansion and deepening of new lines of work, making it possible to create work subgroups encompassing highly diverse fields related to the development of software.

Research Topics

  • Methods and technologies for software development.
  • Embedded and mobile systems.
  • Information security and applied cryptography.
  • Intelligent software for complex real applications.
  • (Big) Data management, Integration and analytics. Knowledge management. Web of Data.


Scientific-Technical Services

  • Development of specific software for computer and industrial contexts.
  • Development of applications based on mobile communications.
  • Design and development of information security systems.
  • Design and development of solutions for smart cities.
  • (Big) Data analytics. Data integration. Open Data. Web of Data applications.
Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering




PAI Reference: TIC136



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